Level 4 Press’s mission is to create entertaining, thought-provoking books that are destined to be great films and television series.

We are currently closed for submissions. 

Level 4 Press has launched its film and television production company, Level 4 Films, and built a book-to-screen pipeline to facilitate the film and television adaptation of its award-winning books.

Level 4 Films is led by executives with decades of experience developing, producing and representing writers in the entertainment industry. They have worked for Lionsgate, Grindstone Productions, Electus as well as facilitated sales to HBO, Hulu, Fox Searchlight, BET, 20th Television, Lifetime Television, Audible Originals, among others.

Level 4 Press is an independent publisher of smart, cinematic, and entertaining fiction. Founded in 2006, Level 4 has won 12 literary gold medals and 30 finalist awards, including Forward Magazine Audiobook of the Year; Bill Fisher Award for Best New Fiction; USA Book News Best Audiobook; Foreword INDIES Award finalist; Eric Hoffer Book Award shortlist; First Horizon Award Winner; and Forward Magazine Book of the Year finalist.

Working with Us


Access to books published by Level 4 Press, a traditional publisher with worldwide distribution.

All projects are actively sold to the film and television space by a staff with years of experience as Producers, Literary Reps and Studio Executives.

We provide story outlines for all screen adaptations of our books.

What We Are Looking For


Be able to follow a specification exactly, and write using Level 4’s standardized process.

Have time to write for at least 10 hours per week, on average.

Possess strong writing skills, especially with character development and world building.

Job Description:

*We do not accept any script submissions. Please follow our submission process.
(for Film & Television Writers)

Level 4 Films, Inc. is seeking staff writers to join our writers room, developing film and television scripts that we  plan to take to market. We will provide a detailed outline of the story, along with editorial guidance and support throughout the development process. Our goals include development of scripts that we can sell, plus development of a team of skilled writers that we can place onto film and television writing teams as our properties go into production.

Writers must have the discipline and time, in addition to script writing skills, to devote to this endeavor. Writers should be able to devote at least ten hours to writing per week, should be willing and able to work on developing their writing skills, and should be able and willing to support each other creatively, including reading each other’s work and providing suggestions. We want to emphasize that we are building a writing team and want it to function as such.

Writers will be paid five-hundred dollars ($500) per month during the term of this agreement as a non-refundable “royalty advance” against future money earned. Writers will also be paid 50% of net LEVEL 4 revenue generated from each of their written SCRIPTS sold, less the amounts previously paid to WRITER for their monthly $500 “royalty advance.” As a reminder, Level4 will be providing each writer with detailed story outlines for each of their scripts.

Additionally, Level 4 Films will place 20% of its remaining 50% share of the net compensation into a compensation pool that LEVEL 4 will distribute monthly to all LEVEL 4 staff writers. Monies received will be distributed over a roughly twelve-month period of time, and will only be paid to staff writers that are currently writing for LEVEL 4 at the time of the distribution. These pooled compensation distributions are one-time payments, and thus not considered royalty advances like the $500 monthly payments.


There are some important considerations in deciding if this opportunity is a good fit for you:

·         We’re looking for writers who envision a future where they are writing for film and/or television full-time. We don’t guarantee that you’ll get there, but we’re looking for people that want a career as a screenwriter.

·         All work is performed on a “work for hire” basis. What that means is that we own 100% of all rights to the material.

·         Our primary focus when selling our projects is the project itself. Your script is a tool in that process, but only a tool. If a studio wants to move forward with a project but bring in a different writer to create a completely new script, then we will do that deal and you would not receive any royalties or credit. If a studio wants to team you with a more experienced writer to develop a new version of the script, then we would do that deal and your compensation and credit would be based on the specifics of the deal. If a studio wants to buy your script, we’ll do that deal and the standard royalty arrangement would apply.

·         We will be providing you with a steady stream of writing assignments. You’ll be doing this writing to our specifications, so you will have limited or no creativity with respect to the “nuts and bolts” of the story that you are telling. However, you’ll be expected to develop and demonstrate a tremendous amount of creativity and skill with respect to how you tell that story, how you bring those characters and situations to life.

·         And finally, you need to embrace the idea of developing a large number of scripts. We’re not bringing writers on board to write a script, or even a couple of scripts. We’re looking to work with writers as they create dozens of scripts, with the hope that at least some of those will sell and become films or television series.


Next Steps:

·         If this sounds interesting to you, please apply. The application process involves selecting a genre of interest, downloading the project specification for that genre, and writing a 5 to 10 page sample script to that outline. You’ll be evaluated for compliance with the project specification and for the quality of your writing.

·         If your writing sample is approved, then you’ll go through an interview process, during which time we’ll each get to know each other.

·        If both parties feel comfortable moving forward, we’ll get you started on a probationary basis. This probationary period, which lasts three-months, is designed for all of us to see how well the process works for you. We want to be sure that you will thrive as a writer within our company.

Application Process:


Select a genre of interest.


We’ll provide a mini-project specification as a writing assessment test.


Write 5-10 pages of a screenplay sample to that specification, and then submit.


We’ll score the sample on:
1) Compliance with the specification.
2) Writing ability.


For those who score high enough, we will contact you to confirm interest, answer questions and, continue the hiring process.