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What is the Pre-Release Book Club?

We’re avid readers that want to support our local bookstores. Members support independent bookstores by pre-ordering our titles from them online or in person. All pre-orders get bonus swag! Including a bookmark, collectible postcard, and the eBook. Other bonus items are announced each season.

Bonus perk: each season one participating member is entered to win a Kindle Oasis


AND, we are a book club after all . . .

After each book publication members join the author for a reading and discussion of the book!



How does it work?

We announce the forthcoming titles in the current season. Order from your local independent bookstore. Many stores give you the option of pre-ordering on their website. Smaller stores are available on, and you can support any indie bookstore in the US!

After purchase, you are welcome to submit your receipt for your pre-order in an online form.

Bonus merch is mailed to you one week before the book is available. On the day of publication, you receive a free eBook copy of the book.


Keep up-to-date with book club meetings by checking your email invitations and our Facebook group.


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