1. Can I submit for more than one category?

Yes. Just be sure to submit them each as separate submissions.

2. Who is the co-author the book?

You will co-author with a fictitious persona that represents the Level 4 creative team, since all books began as stories that were developed and outlined in-house at Level 4 Press. We’ll be building a brand and readership for this fictitious persona to help cross market books in each genre. It’s analogous to the model Tom Clancy has developed around military thrillers, or the brand James Patterson has built working with co-authors.

 3. What is the payment schedule for this writing job?

Author will be paid a Five Thousand dollar ($5,000.00) royalty advance in three installments: 25% upon contract acceptance and delivery of the initial 7,500 words of the book to LEVEL 4’s satisfaction, 50% upon delivery of the completed draft document to LEVEL4’s satisfaction, and 25% upon completion of the print ready book, including layout and final proofread.

4. Will I receive compensation if the book is made into a film or television series?

Yes, you’ll receive a 10% royalty on the sale of book rights for film or television, as well as things such as translations and foreign rights.

5. How much time per week will this take?

That depends on your writing speed. We’re requiring 5K words per week (novel) or 10 pages per week (screenplay). We estimate that will take 10 hours per week, but you might take more or less. We’re also offering a weekly conference call as a writer’s support group for writers working for us. This would be optional, but that might take another hour or two if you decide to call-in.

6. When should I expect a response for the job?

Within 6 weeks.

7. Can I preview the contract?

Yes. You can view the contract here.