666 Gable Way

666 Gable Way

  • Paperback
  • 9781933769622
  • Published: October 20, 2020


  • eBook
  • 9781933769639
  • Published: October 20, 2020


  • Big book
  • 9781646305018
  • Published: February 21, 2023


Fans of The House of Seven Gables and Grimm Tales will love this “eerie and tense” thriller. (Screencraft)

“666 Gable Way has everything. Witches, horror, thrills, supernatural entities, and even a touch of romance. ” —CB Writer, Amazon reviewer

Something evil hides within the House of Seven Gables...

Phoebe Pyncheon hasn’t had an easy life. Alone and out of work, she does her best to make ends meet while she finishes her debut novel. But when even the monthly rent becomes too much for the struggling young writer to afford, she is forced to move into her Great Aunt Hester’s boarding house. Known as the House of Seven Gables, this Victorian mansion is a maze of decrepit halls, musty old furniture, and faded glamour.

At first, Phoebe feels at home in the strange, quirky old house. But soon she senses a presence lurking in the shadows, just out of sight.

She hears it breathing in the darkness, feels its cold touch on her skin at night.

Then the police knock on her door with news of a dead body found nearby. And Phoebe discovers the terrifying truth...

The House of Seven Gables is a temple to an ancient evil, a terrifying power unleashed by Hester and her coven of friends. This dark entity haunts the stones of the old mansion, plotting its revenge upon the living. But a secret power hides within Phoebe as well.

And releasing it may be her only chance to survive the terror that awaits her...

“There is nothing like a book full of evil witches, satanic rituals, and dark family histories!” —Chelsea Hannah, horror reviewer

“[A] written version of an episode of ‘Twilight Zone,’” —Dennis T. Faleris, Amazon reviewer

“OMG, loved this book. It sucks you in and you cannot put this book down. Hands down one of my absolute favorites!” —Ashley, Amazon reviewer


"This page-turner will keep readers up late at night. Hawthorne fans should be pleased." 
Publisher's Weekly

"Chilling and deliciously horrible, I couldn’t put this one down."

Blanca Flores, Midwest Book Review

"A perfect combination of traditional witch characters with a more modern twist, 666 Gable Way is a dark and mysterious novel with a cast of intriguing and beguiling characters that is difficult to put down." 

Gloria McNeely, Gloria McNeely's Blog

"I recommend this book for lovers of haunted houses and dark magic." 

Chelsea Pittman, Horror Bound



Dani Lamia

Dani Lamia is the Amazon bestselling author of Scavenger Hunt (2020), which won the Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award for best debut novel. Dani's second novel, 666 Gable Way (2020), was an Eric Hoffer Award finalist in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category and was praised by Publishers Weekly as a “page turner that will keep readers up at night.” Always searching for that perfect knife-edge with which to unlock deeper truths about humanity, Dani awaits the next nightmare. You can find Dani at www.danilamia.com.


Frederick H. Crook

Frederick H. Crook was born in Chicago and in 2009 began writing and publishing dystopian sci-fi novels and novellas. He has also written a paranormal mystery and a contemporary thriller. To date, he has more than a dozen published titles and he continues to add to that list.