China Mine

China Mine

  • Paperback
  • 9781646307852
  • Published: July 08, 2025


  • eBook
  • 9781646300983
  • Published: July 08, 2025


The dead will get their revenge.
Jimmy Rowe had never been west of Worcester, Massachusetts, let alone to Gopher Gulch, Wyoming. But the 1890s were here and the chance to be an engineer in a real gold mine after just two years in school was an opportunity (and an adventure) he couldn’t pass up.
And it all started out well. He had a legendary boss who mentored him, a budding relationship with a brilliant Chinese American woman, and plenty of work to keep him busy.
But bubbling under the surface of Mine 623 was a darkness that would soon turn Jimmy’s dream into a living nightmare.
While a brutal racial divide between Chinese laborers and their cruel white bosses grows ever starker, a suspicious mine explosion kills fifty Chinese men . . . and unleashes Mogwai, an ancient demon summoned by the angry spirits of the dead and bent on hellish payback.
Torn between two worlds, Jimmy soon realizes that he has an impossible choice to make as the awful bloodshed threatens to kill everyone in town.

"Western frontier with a haunting twist." - Advanced Review

Fans of Bone Tomahawk and Tremors will love this original western book. 



Dani Lamia

Dani Lamia has accepted the curse of a warped and deviant mind that bends reality, rending the fabric between the real and the unreal. Dani prefers to think of it as wonderful inspiration for some deeply creepy but strangely intellectual horror stories that are pulled from those nightmarish visions. A student of the great horror writers (and filmmakers), Dani has turned a passion for twisted tales that unlock deep truths about humanity into a career focused on scaring the pants off readers.