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  • 9781646307814
  • Published: June 02, 2026


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  • Published: June 02, 2026


The greater the hero, the louder his fall.

He emerged from ten years in prison with a single desire; to be left alone. His youth now gone, Othello El-Amin was ready to go home and start over.

And then the war began.

America’s second civil war so brutal no one thought it could ever end. But after a decade of fighting, Othello didn't just bring peace, he emerged as the unquestioned leader of a nation desperate for reunification.

Embraced by the right for his ferocity on the battlefield, celebrated by the left for his insistence on a return to constitutional rule, Othello was loved. They even accepted his controversial marriage to the daughter of the billionaire businessman who financed the opposing forces in the war.

But Othello had one weakness and when those closest to him learned to exploit it, America would be plunged back into a darkness no one saw coming.

This near-future political thriller is a vivid reimagining of Othello, Shakespeare's classic story of triumph and tragedy, and the first in a series of four interconnected Shakespeare adaptations

"An exciting take on a Shakespeare classic...Othello in the modern world." - Advanced Reviewer

Fans of Othello and War of the Worlds will love this modern adaptation. 

The Kings



Henri Marotz

Henri Marotz is an award-winning playwright and author. He enjoys taking inspiration from the classics—including Shakespeare—updating and retelling stories in modern contexts while retaining the core truths that underpin the originals.