The Last Witch

The Last Witch

  • Paperback
  • 9781646307791
  • Published: June 02, 2026


  • eBook
  • 9781646300075
  • Published: June 02, 2026


Based on the improbable true story of the last woman found guilty of being a witch.
Helen was a prickly Scottish mother of six eking out a living, traveling around Great Britain as a performing medium. Some would say phony medium. She knew all of the tricks – the trances, the seances, the ectoplasm made of cheese cloth – because, after all, when people want to believe, it doesn’t take much.
It was the height of WWII in England, and Helen started seeing images of an explosion along with the faces of young, terrified sailors sinking to their death in a massive ship. Unbeknownst to her, what she was describing in extraordinary detail was the highly classified sinking of the HMS Barham.
When word got out, fear swept through Churchill’s administration. The invasion of Normandy was secretly being planned and they began to suspect that Helen Duncan might actually have the power to predict and to reveal details about the invasion.
So, to silence her, she was hunted down, arrested, tried and jailed . . . for being a witch

"Facinating story...The reader is immersed in the story and the world." - Screencraft

Fans of Salem and Darkest Hour will love this high stakes book. (Screencraft)



Harper H. Jameson

When HARPER JAMESON graduated from Brown University with a history degree, there was no inkling that a career as a writer would follow. After running a successful business for years, then launching the Social Impact Conference to support business owners, artists, and activists dedicated to positive social change, Harper realized that storytelling was fundamental to improving the world and that history housed the greatest stories of them all. Harper especially enjoys finding important but forgotten, or misunderstood, figures from the past and bringing them back to life.