No Hatred or Bitterness

No Hatred or Bitterness

  • Paperback
  • 9781646307784
  • Published: June 02, 2026


  • eBook
  • 9781646300136
  • Published: June 02, 2026


  • Big book
  • 9781646305209
  • Published: June 02, 2026


The exhilarating WWI spy thriller about the woman who inspired the world by refusing to choose sides.
English Nurse, Edith Cavell, was committed to doing one thing in life - heal the sick, regardless of who they were or where they came from. Even when her teaching hospital in Belgium was taken over by the German enemy during one of the most brutal wars the world had ever seen, she held fast to her principles and continued to heal all soldiers that needed her help (German, British,
French, and Belgian).
While keeping her hospital open to all who needed it, she secretly worked under the German occupier’s noses to help create an underground railroad that ran right through her apartment and saved over 200 Allied soldiers caught behind enemy lines.
No Hatred or Bitterness is the story of her improbable success, her harrowing capture, and her defiant refusal to give in to the darker forces of human nature, even as she faced a German firing squad.

"Keeps the reader engaged...strong descriptions and storytelling." - Screencraft

Fans of The Zookeeper's Wife and All the Light We Cannot See will love this historically inspired book. (Screencraft)



Harper H. Jameson

When HARPER JAMESON graduated from Brown University with a history degree, there was no inkling that a career as a writer would follow. After running a successful business for years, then launching the Social Impact Conference to support business owners, artists, and activists dedicated to positive social change, Harper realized that storytelling was fundamental to improving the world and that history housed the greatest stories of them all. Harper especially enjoys finding important but forgotten, or misunderstood, figures from the past and bringing them back to life.