• Paperback
  • 9781646300648
  • Published: June 02, 2026


Perfect is the enemy of good.

April O’Neill likes order. She’s had a meteoric career, is married to her soul mate, and has three perfect kids programmed to deliver all of the joy and none of the challenges of parenthood. As a leading software engineer, she’s been instrumental in creating these idealistic android children for people just like her, and she’s proud of her role in making the world a much better place.

Her husband, Dexter, on the other hand, is an artist who loves the messy, the unpredictable, the dirty nature of life and wants a real child. Sure, it’s inconvenient, and who knows, maybe they’ll fail miserably as parents, but who cares? It’s life, it’s love, it’s . . . real.

But when a near-accident brings a human child into their lives, April and Dexter discover an alarming truth: actual babies are not being born anymore, part of a dark plot that threatens the very existence of humanity. Suddenly the couple find themselves on a crash course with a powerful enemy—and time is quickly running out to reverse the trend and save the human race.

"An exciting and dark tale...human race to be relaced by androids." - Advanced Reviewer

Fans of  Bicentennial Man and I, Robot will love this book. 



Tory Quinn

Working for a government think tank specializing in future technologies by day, Tory Quinn enjoys spending the evenings in front of the fire, sipping wine (a good but cheap Merlot from a box), while spinning yarns about technology gone astray and the lessons we can learn from the people faced with those situations. How does a scientist like Tory become a prolific writer? As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Many of the same skills required to dream up tomorrow’s great technologies apply to building fictional worlds, then setting extraordinary characters free within them.