Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige

  • Paperback
  • 9781646300105
  • Published: June 02, 2026


  • eBook
  • 9781646300112
  • Published: June 02, 2026


An inspiring story, in the spirit of Field of Dreams, about one of our nation’s most eccentric and important star athletes, and the seeds of a social movement that changed the course of American history.
Rudy is a Black man in his 70s and the janitor of the same boy’s orphanage where he was raised. Years ago, he had a chance at the life he wanted, but the Vietnam War, a broken heart, and a life filled with people telling him that he could never succeed, pushed him to the shadows. And he’s been fine hiding there ever since.
But when he discovers a mint-condition Satchel Paige baseball card worth over $100,000, he is magically transported back to 1936 when Paige, the very best player in baseball, is locked out of the majors due to his race. Barnstorming the country, mowing down baseball’s biggest white stars in exhibition games from coast to coast, Rudy learns how this singular talent and eccentric star of the ‘Negro Leagues’ cut through racism and the ravages of the Depression to put baseball’s color line on notice. Paige will ultimately square off with the New York Yankees’ brightest young phenom, Joe DiMaggio, in an epic extra-inning showdown.
On the journey of a lifetime, Rudy will learn that life is worth fighting for even in the face of impossible odds.

"A story that needs to be told...well written." - Advanced Reviewer

Fans of 42 and To Kill a Mockingbird will love this historically inspired book. 



Harper H. Jameson

When HARPER JAMESON graduated from Brown University with a history degree, there was no inkling that a career as a writer would follow. After running a successful business for years, then launching the Social Impact Conference to support business owners, artists, and activists dedicated to positive social change, Harper realized that storytelling was fundamental to improving the world and that history housed the greatest stories of them all. Harper especially enjoys finding important but forgotten, or misunderstood, figures from the past and bringing them back to life.